Launching a Jewellery Business in One Month

In May this year, I was contacted by the innovative Jewellery Company, With JK. They were founded in 2016 by Architect and Designer, Joel Kahn. Their vision is to enable people to create their own unique and meaningful jewellery pieces. Rather than a fast fashion item that is mass produced and short lived, their designs are personalised to create timeless pieces of high quality. I love that each piece they make is made to order so there are no wasted materials, overproduction or excess stock. This sustainable and mindful approach to jewellery creation was what made me so excited to launch my collection of 5 rings!

By Natasha Wilton – the full collection

I have always been a creative soul who enjoys the process of designing, experimenting and creating art. Over the years, I have loved dabbling in different art forms and creating my own jewellery. So it was so much fun creating pieces that have a story to share. A special keepsake to remind us of the journey we are on. Especially in the context of riding the waves of life and highs and lows of motherhood. I hope the rings will remind you that you are treasured and unique. To encourage you to tell your own story and know you are not alone.

One of my rings is named after my daughter, Olive. A story of love, perseverance and resilience . This classic signet style ring is a reminder of peace and growth through the challenging times.

Olive in Gold

Being a mum of two children has taught me a few lessons, and one of the lessons learnt is that we need to be honest with each other and ourselves. My edgy, Melbourne city inspired, Honestly ring, is a statement piece. A powerful display of finding beauty in the heights and depths of life. To be real and find solidarity in honestly supporting each other.

Honestly in Sterling Silver

My Be Still ring is an elegant, fine piece to remind us to breathe and be present in the moment.

Be Still in Sterling Silver

The Grace ring is a fine signet style with a blooming lotus flower in the centre. It is taken from my tattoo design with a message to be grateful.

The Sterling Silver Grace Ring

Lastly, the Always ring which is a stunning piece that reflects the story of eternity. Inspired by nature, the sun, moon and stars. It is a piece that reminds me of God’s faithfulness and presence, always.

The Always Ring in Rose Gold

In collaboration with JK, we carefully designed my collection to be available to you! Every custom piece is created using 3D print technology for precise craftsmanship with your favourite metal. They are available in gold, rose gold, platinum, silver and more. They are shipped worldwide for free from their birth place in New York.

I am over the moon with how my collection came to life withJK. They brought my vision into a reality. From the initial discussions to the launch, they have been an amazing business to collaborate with. So to give you insight into the process…. in May, we began with conference calls to discuss the designs of the 5 rings. Using an inspiration book from WithJK’s collection, we were able to refine the designs to reflect their meaning. After a few short weeks of perfecting these prototypes, the samples were created in precious metals via 3D printing in NY. I put together the stories for the website and WithJK created a landing page for the 5 rings.

The Bronze Honestly Ring

You know me, I don’t do things by halves! So I worked with an amazing Graphic Designer, Chris Venning, to create the By Natasha Wilton logo. The interwoven N and W reflecting a flow and connection in smooth lines. I hoped to convey a classic and luxurious feel for all women to enjoy and feel special. Here are the contact details for the Graphic Designer who was kindly shared to me by Carlia (@raisingkandt)!

Logo dreams made by Chris Venning

Then it was time to create a few stationery items for branding and packaging. One of my favourite parts of launching a business is designing the packaging! Nerdy I know! The Australian based online printing company, OzStickerPrinting, provided an efficient, affordable and customisable option for my logo stickers. With a quick turnaround and high quality sticker, I am so excited to use these on local orders! You can find their website and extensive branding options here.

OzStickerPrinting bringing the branding goods!

By Natasha Wilton launched in June and I am so grateful for every like, comment, DM and response! It is still so surreal and I’m so excited to keep creating. I have included a special discount code when you sign up for my mailing list here. Every ring is designed with a story and infused with my personal style. I hope that you will love wearing these rings as you walk through your own stories in life.

Thank you for allowing me to share my creative journey with you and I hope you love the collection as much as I do!

You can follow along the journey over on Instagram, Facebook and the Online Shop!