Interview with Urban Gypsy Collective

Gerry and Rachelle. The bohemian queens who are the face of the online store, Urban Gypsy Collective. Both ladies inspire the online fashion community with their whimsical, effortless style that is practical yet luxurious. Their entrepreneurial spirit and passion for fashion led them to create a beautiful store that can be shopped from anywhere in the world. Sharing their experiences from Sydney to Singapore, I had the pleasure of interviewing these two ladies.  

We would love to know a bit about the two founders of Urban Gypsy Collective! Tell us about yourselves.

Gerry: Hey, I’m Gerry Capablanca. I’m a Sydneysider who’s been living in Singapore for the past 7 years. I’m mumma to 3 awesome boys, Jack, Jedd and Judah, wife to Joey and co-founder of Urban Gypsy Co.

Rachelle: I am Rachelle, the other half of Urban Gypsy Co and I am a born and bred local Singaporean.

Rachelle and Gerry – Urban Gypsy Founders

Urban Gypsy Collective is an exciting new venture for you both. Tell us more!

Urban Gypsy Collective is an online store based here in Singapore which stocks some amazing Aussie boho and coastal labels like Arnhem, Rowie, Lack of Color and more. We launched Urban Gypsy in July 2018 so we’re still fairly new and still navigating our way through being business owners and running an online store.

What led you to start your own business?

Rachelle and I are both fashion fanatics and opening a store was something we’d both thought about for as long as we can remember. So one day we got to talking and decided we should just do it! We wanted to stock products we’d love to wear ourselves and we seemed to always be ordering everything from Australia. So we decided we wanted to be the first in Singapore to start stocking these Aussie brands.

It has always been at the back of my head, but at that time I wasn’t ready to start a business alone. Once I met Gerry, as they say “the rest was history”. We’ve always wanted to bring the concept of quality and sustainable bohemian and coastal fashion to Singapore, and then we decided to just take the plunge and do it!

Gerry, how do you balance mumlife, business and self care?

It’s tough, I won’t lie and I’m still trying to learn how to balance everything. Being a mum sometimes leaves no time for anything else let alone running a business and finding time for self care. But I’m extremely blessed to have a very encouraging and supportive hubby and I’m really thankful to have a great business partner in Rachelle. I think the most important thing I’ve realised becoming a Mum is that I need to take the time to look after myself. A friend once said to me ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’ and it really hit home for me because it’s so true. I’ve come to realise I first need to look after myself to be able to be the best I can be for my family (and also in business). I find when I’ve made the time to simply go for a run or swim, or to just take some timeout, it’s rejuvenating for the body and soul and then I can be a much better Mum and wife. I’m able to give more of myself and get things done.

Rachelle, how do you balance work life, business and self care?

Compartmentalise, no matter how busy it gets, always don’t let it get in the way of self care. Everyone gets tired out– it’s always important to pamper yourself and be refreshed with new ideas!

Who inspires you?

My family are my number one inspiration. They make me want to always do my best. And there’s so many women out there who I’ve never met before but I know through social media whose posts, blogs and stories inspire me daily. It’s so uplifting to see positive and empowering messages from other women doing what they love, standing up for what they believe in and just keeping it real.

Victoria Beckham has always been the longest fashion inspiration for me. I have always admired her passion for her work and her dedication to her family while juggling a fashion empire.

What are 3 things you can’t live without?

My family, chocolate and Summer.

Family, friends and candies.

Rachelle & Gerry at their first Pop Up Event

Gerry, what has motherhood taught you about yourself?

It’s taught me I’m really much stronger than I thought I was and that I’m capable of loving unconditionally. It’s also taught me to savour every season because these days go way too fast.

What does a typical day in the week look like for you?

Well it depends what day of the week we’re talking about but generally Monday to Friday I’m running around on Mum duty – making lunches, driving my kids to classes, helping with homework and trying to squeeze in a workout here and there. Weekends revolve around food and relaxing!

The typical adulting stuff, I go to my day job and then usually wind down after work with dinner and drinks with friends!

Any tips for someone starting out in your industry?

I’m no expert but my biggest tip would be to take the plunge and ‘just start’! Start researching, start reaching out to people, start asking questions, draft out a business plan… just take the first step and start. There’s really no better way to start than diving in head first.

And starting your business based on a passion, something you believe in or what you love, I think is the key – the benefit being you’ll know why you’re doing it and its essentially your passion that will get you through the more challenging times.

Do not be afraid of failure, give your best in something that you love to do and you will eventually find your way and flow.

So for my jet setting readers, any hot tips of where to go, eat or shop in Singapore?

Food is life. I really love eating and Singapore has an abundance of amazing foods. If you ever find yourself in Singapore a must try is Singapore chilli crab and my fave place for crab is Jumbos. On nights out we’ll usually hit Ann Siang Hill and Club Street areas for intimate restaurants, bars galore and hidden speakeasys. Weekends we love going to Tanjong Beach Club to just chill, drink cocktails and listen to cool tunes while the kids swim in the pool overlooking the beach. They also do yummy seafood!

For a true Singaporean experience, I would highly recommend going to Tiong Bahru Market in the morning where they have a selection of hawker stalls that sell a wide variety of affordable local food.

Thanks to Gerry and Rachelle for their insight into starting out in the fashion industry, following their passions and finding the balance in it all! They have kindly offered 15% off your first online order at Urban Gypsy Collective. You can use the discount code NATASHA15 at checkout to receive this generous offer. Thanks ladies!

You can find their online store at and on Instagram at Follow them to find out more and join their journey!

Singapore fondly referred to as the “Little Red Dot.”

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